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Sidecars On Line Issue 45
The February 2020 issue of
Sidecars on Line is available to download.
The original host website has gradually changed its terms of use and there are now cost implications, so alternatives are currently under consideration.
Oscar's Odyssey features an interesting article on Vincent motorcycles, which was highlighted by a relative in Canada, and the Motorcycle Action Group sets out its approach for 2020. Recollections on some memorable events of the past, plus a touch of sidecar humour. Sidelines considers the seemingly unspoken issues surrounding the promotion of electric vehicles.

Norton Motorcycles
The latest reincarnation of Norton, a historic UK motorcycle name, has apparently gone out of business. Whilst a number of bikes have been sold, and there may well have been orders still oustanding, and the money ran out.
The nature of the business dwelled on a mixture of racing history that was a very long time ago, and dependent on a generation that recalls an esteemed past, even if it didn't have first bhand experience of those times. Truth be told this means being of an advanced age, or persuaded by a degree of hype. Sadly, there can only be alimited number of potential customers. Selling Norton memorabilia, clothing, and the like has been too much like visiting the souvenir shop in a museum. In the long term it won't ensure viability.

Triumph Moves to Thailand
It is no secret that Triumph motorcycle production has primarily been undertaken outside the UK, but in Thailand for a number of years. At an international dealer convention in Birmingham some years ago it came as a bit of a surprise for US dealers when a film presentation highlighted the fact that significant production of the iconic British brand was not within the UK.
However, Triumph has not suffered as a result as it has become an even bigger player in motorcycle manufacture. In most respects the product is seen to be good with a catalogue of models that expands and evolves.
Now, Triumph has confirmed that the majority of production will be in the three Thai land factories, whilst Hinkley will concentrate on resaerch, and development, plus specialist, presumably limited production models. Also, the cooperation with India's Baja company is planned to produce expected smaller capacity models.
It can be a viewed a pity that production is not confined to the UK, but that's the nature of modern day business economics as most other surviving motorcycle manufacturers have illustrated.

Chaostours - Sidecar Couple's New Venture

Kerstin and Kevin Holford, our German based friends' spent three and a half years on world trip through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Problems prevented carrying on into Central America, North America, and Africa, but the whole exercise still proved to be an epic, life changing experience.
On their return the pair have embarked on a business providing mobile catering based upon the culinary experiences gained whilst in many lands. The added ingredient is that the venture incorporates their love of motorcycles and sidecars.
We wish them well.

Watsonian 75 Years
OK we know that Watsonian reached a centenary in 2012, but what the heck.
The booklet produced for Watsonian Sidecars 75th anniversary is available via our
Download page.

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