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Sidecars On Line Issue 44
The December 2019 issue of
Sidecars on Line is available to view and download.
The presentation is now a link to the host website rather than being embedded on our website. If preferred, a download facility via Google continues.

Oscar's Odyssey concerns something of a current scam with motorcycle insurance, i.e. the suggestion that you get a "free bike" if your machine is incapacitated due to an accident.
The Motorcycle Action Group is first and foremost a campaigning organisation representing road going UK motorcyclists. However, it is also involved in organising premier bike rallies. Not only are these opportunities to enjoy the company of others bitten by the motorcycle bug, but helps raise much needed funds to help continue the fight.
Also, a report on riding in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado up Mount Evans. Slightly cold, but supremely memorable. Plus, another look at the so called electric vehicle revolution, warts and all.

Marquez and Marquez in MotoGP
Marc Marquez and his brother Alex have been confirmed as team mates for the Honda Repsol works set up. Maybe not surprising with the clout that eight times champ Marc must have with HRC, but hardly surprising considering brother Alex's talent. Promises continued success for the Japanese company, although signs are that Yamaha and the rest won't take things lying down.

Lorenzo Retires from MotoGP
Repeated injuries that clearly affected Jorge Lorenzo to make his mark riding the Repsol Honda have led to the Spanish star stepping down from MotoGP. A pity for all concerned and meant the promised rivalry in 2019 between Lorenzo and Marc Marcuez didn't materialise. Equally, the injuries effects meant it was no surprise that relocating to another team was unlikely.
However, would it be a surprise if Jorge Lorenzo showed up in another championship ? Others have successfully adapted to Wordl Superbikes after MotoGP, so it can't be riled out. Only time will tell.

Long Way Up
Following the success of "Long Way Round" and "Long Way Down", another TV show involving Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman was always a possibility. Yet it probably required something to make a venture marketable for everyone concerned. Another BMW advertising extravaganza, even KTM (they refused the "Long Way Round" idea), would probably be less acceptable in these times of environmental fervour. On the other hand, opportunity was not far away with the idea of using electric motocycles.
So, the "Long Way Up" ride has just been completed with the merry pair riding Harley Davidson Livewire electric bikes from Ushuaia in southern Argentina to Los Angeles, USA.
Details about eventual release of another TV show will no doubt follow, although how much will reflect the reality of riding and "refueling" (?) the bikes is opoen to speculation. Initial rumour suggests battery changes rather than on bike charging. Being accompanied by a big Mercedes van maybe doesn't equate with epic rides by folk on traditional motorcycles.

Chaostours - Sidecar Couple's New Venture

Kerstin and Kevin Holford, our German based friends' spent three and a half years on world trip through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Problems prevented carrying on into Central America, North America, and Africa, but the whole exercise still proved to be an epic, life changing experience.
On their return the pair have embarked on a business providing mobile catering based upon the culinary experiences gained whilst in many lands. The added ingredient is that the venture incorporates their love of motorcycles and sidecars.
We wish them well.

Watsonian 75 Years
OK we know that Watsonian reached a centenary in 2012, but what the heck.
The booklet produced for Watsonian Sidecars 75th anniversary is available via our
Download page.

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