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Sidecars On Line Issue 36
The August issue of
Sidecars on Line is available to view and download.

A different summer, not only in the UK, but all over the world. The effect upon ourselves have been noticeable, but nothing on a par with what others elsewhere have faced. Sidecar activity has continued and enjoyed, although the annual Europe trip was affected by water shortages in Germany where the 30th edition of the European Sidecar Rally, the EGT, was scheduled. A late cancellation of the event didn't halt a trip to Germany, but to visit sidecar friends instead. All in all a different sort of venture and welcomed.
Oscar continues with tales this time of when he acquired a new Honda 250, the famed CB72, but with a less than satisfactory outcome.
Alsao, an account of two forgotten powered two wheelers that have somehow been missed from the oft repeated list of past, owned machinery. Funny thing memory.

MotoGP Silverstone Disaster
No doubt that the British round of MotoGP at the Silverstone circuit has always been something of a lottery when it comes to the weather. After all the circuit is a wide open, weather vulnerable piece of real estate that was previously a WW2 airbase. Personal experience at another motor related event back in the 1980s illustrated exactly how waterlogged the place can become. Silverstone and rain are sometimes joined at the hip.
However, in the best traditions of European based motorcycle racing, the show has always been possible, until 2018 when the Sunday race day was abandoned.
The track had apparently been resurfaced, but with qualities that made riding, let alone racing, dangerous, even for recognised "rainmeisters". The repercussions have yet to be determined.

Trade Wars and Harley Davidson
The 2017 change in the White House has many wondering what comes next. Much of the time it can be ignored, unless fears about war and such like seem to be on the menu, but recent events with world trade has caused unrest on the motorcycling front.
Import tariffs, i.e. taxes on certain imported goods, are affecting European manufacturers and US motorcycle companies, not least, Harley Davidson. Large increases on the price of a Harley exported to Europe has resulted in the company saying that production will be moved elsewhere, i.e. existing Harley factories in Thailand. As well as Thailand, the Milwaukee company already has production lines outside the USA such as India. As this is written, this whole issue is a very hot topic.

Chaostours - Sidecar Couple conclude travels UPDATE August 2018

Kerstin and Kevin Holford, our German based friends' maintain an excellent online blog of their three and a half years world trip through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Problems prevented carrying on into Central America, North America, and Africa, but the whole exercise still proved to be an epic, life changing experience.
If you haven't yet had a visit to the blog it's well worth a look. The experiences are something else, whilst the images are stunning.

The couple are now back in Germany and have embarked on a very different sidecar related business venture. We wish them well.

Photo courtesy of Chaostours

Watsonian 75 Years
OK we know that Watsonian reached a centenary in 2012, but what the heck.
The booklet produced for Watsonian Sidecars 75th anniversary is available via our
Download page.

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