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Sidecars On Line Issue 34
The April issue of
Sidecars on Line is available to view and download.

A Watsonian Palma got us on the road to serious family sidecarring, but was soon limited by growing children and the need to carry camping equipment. An effort to satisfy needs with a widening of the Palma worked up to a point, but soon proved inadequate. Read how an alternative, radical approach led to 10 years of continuing family sidecar activity.
Oscar's Odyssey continues to recall motorcycle and sidecar experiences in North Yorkshire. Not always good times, but no less memorable.
Other features on motorcycle lighting, the emergence of a "petrol head", and a particularly attractive sidecar outfit for sale in Spain.

Discrimination Against Motorcyclists
Politicians are a universally a strange lot, probably because so many are nothing more than "professional politicians". The idea that they represent those who put them into positions of power has become a myth. Of course, come election time they will promise, undertake, guarantee, and be upbeat about what they claim to have done, and crucially what they intend to do. "Give me your vote and I will . . . ."
Then reality kicks in, the election passes and everything stabilises, at least from the politicians' point of view. Party lines, vested interests, and "unforseen circumstances" arise, or more likely, they simply ignore.
A case in point is the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who promised that motorcycles and motorcyclists would be considered in plans for addressing traffic issues in the Uk's capital. But no, the promises, undertakings, guarantees, etc. have somehow disappeared from being on the table. Perhaps some overzealous cleaning lady swept them away with all the other promises these charlatans make ?
Consequently, motorcycling has a fight on its hands, predominantly in respect of obscene daily charges for commuting and visiting motorcyclists to our capital city. 12.50 a day for a step through used by a health worker, public service staff, and farcically staff working for London Transport, to enter the central zone is nothing short of a scandal. That greater polluting vehicles, the nub of the whole justification, will be able to enter for no more, even potentially free, is the stuff of Alice in Blunderland.
Is there any wonder that the disrespect for politicians across the board grows ever more every single day ?

Cruchlow Wins !
Whilst the likelihood of a British rider becoming world MotoGP champion any time soon is remote, it's great to report that Cal Crutchlow on a Honda won the premier class at the recent Argentine Grand Prix. Whilst others, including the favourites, fell by the wayside, or struggled to assume their expected positions on the podium, Cal did the business.

Chaostours - Sidecar Couple conclude travels

Kerstin and Kevin Holford, our German based friends' kept up with their online blog whilst in South America with a detailed posting, plus images of their travels dated 11th May 2016.

Kerstin and Kevin have been in contact to report they have indeed returned home following conclusion of their epic journey. Totally understandable circumstances justified calling it a day when in South America. They might have curtailed their memorable adventure, and so not fulfilled the original plan, but this hardly detracts from the experience, the pleasure and admiration gained from reading their blog, plus a collection of truly amazing images. In our mind, total heroes.
The challenge now is to settle back into being home, which, although understandbly not easy, is something with which they will eventually handle.
If you haven't yet had a visit to the blog it's well worth a look. The experiences are something else, whilst the images are stunning.

Photo courtesy of Chaostours

Watsonian 75 Years
OK we know that Watsonian reached a centenary in 2012, but what the heck.
The booklet produced for Watsonian Sidecars 75th anniversary is available via our
Download page.

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