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Motorcycle forums are an excellent source of information, assistance, and communication. Some are specific to makes, models, and facets of motorcycling, e.g. sidecars, whilst others are broader in their approach. There are numerous forum websites, but the following are known to contain sidecar related content. Some of this may be detailed, others a little sketchy, and there are some which could amuse with their commentary. However, much can be learned, if the time is taken to explore.

The international nature of the internet requires a little understanding to make the best of forums. For example, sidecars are hacks in the USA, so searching for information may require alternatives be tried. Still, results are often rewarding.

These sites were accessible at the time of listing, so it should be easy to use them. Registration can be required, particularly if posting a query, comment, or providing information. Use is free, although some may request donations, that's down to you. Searching for information may follow a specified routine such as entering a verification code. Unusual, but still easy.


Adventure Rider Forum - various makes and models of bikes. Off road emphasis, but check out the "Hacks" section.

Bike Chat Forums - Extensive forum covering many aspects of UK motorcycling activity.

BM Bikes & BM Riders Forum - Like it says, for the BMW fraternity, but could contain something useful for others.

Brough Superior Club Sidecar Forum - Very specialised, best described as charming.

Classic Bike Forum - As in the magazine, Classic Bike. Good for the more classic side of motorcycling -

Disabled Biker Forum - Supported by the National Association for Bikers with a Disability -

Flying Brick Forum - Devoted to BMW K models, so potentially valuable for many sidecar enthusiasts.

GB Bikers Forum - All makes and all types feature, so could be of value for those with "different" outfits.

Harley Davidson Riders GB Forum - The clue is in the title, so specialised, but still could do the job.

"For those interested in modern, high performance, road going sidecars". US based, but useful source of knowledge and advice.

Motorcycle News Community - Part of the British weekly newspaper's web site.

Motorcycle Forum - Another broad offering, but again could just provide that gem of information.

Riders Forum - All round motorcycle forum, which has yet to significantly feature sidecars, but could change.

Road Star Clinic Forum - Yamaha vee twins that is -,com_fireboard/Itemid,187/

Royal Enfield US Community Forum - Clearly relates to the UK born, Indian manufactured single.

Scooter Scene Forums - There's more to sidecars than just being attached to motorcycles.

Superbike Forum - May seem distant to some from sidecar activity, but things are changing.

The Biker Forum - All purpose bike forum that is welcoming. Maybe needs a few more sidecar folk to sign up.

Total Motorcycle Forum - Another broad based biker forum, but this time USA based.

TotalRuckus - Unusual approach to scooters that perhaps words can't easily describe.

UK Bike Forum - Varied forum with some potential. Basic sidecar references, but again could improve.

United Sidecar Association Forum - The forum of our colonial cousins in the U.S.A.

Visordown - The massively popular online UK biker magazine's own forums. Facility to have weekly news email.

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