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Motorcycle Action Group

As sidecar enthusiasts we are still part of the wonderful world of motorcycling. We are constantly aware of the many threats to our chosen way of life. It is vital that our love of motorcycling is defended against those who constantly attack motorcycling.

As members of MAG, the Motorcycle Action Group, we support the struggle to maintain the freedom that motorcycling offers the individual. We also enjoy being part of a social scene that embodies our belief that there is nothing that even approaches the camaraderie and enthusiasm of motorcycling, not only in the UK, but throughout the world.

MAG is best summed up by quoting its web site

  • The Motorcycle Action Group, (MAG), is a voluntary organisation, drawing membership from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling.
  • Whatever you ride MAG has something for you!
  • MAG was born out of protest against legislation, introduced in 1973, making it compulsory to wear a crash helmet.
  • Since then MAG has evolved from a single issue group to a highly respected political lobbying and campaigns group which is central to all aspects of policy and legislation affecting motorcycling.
  • MAG operates at the European, National, Regional and Local levels. MAG can, and does make a difference.
  • We are respected for our responsible contributions which are informed, objective and which enrich the political debate.
  • Throughout this evolution MAG has remained faithful to its core principles of freedom of choice and self - determination.
  • Motorcycling is about freedom of expression.
  • Above all it is about camaraderie and friendship.
  • In a world of increasing regulation and conformity motorcycling represents one of the last bastions of individuality and diversity.
  • This freedom of expression and individuality is not a 'given'; it has to be protected and fought for.
  • This is why every part of MAG must be focussed on promoting motorcycling and to represent, protect and defend the interests of riders.

The Motorcycle Action Group's mission is to;

Defend and Fight for Riders' Rights

MAG Sections ( with whom we have, or had contact)

Absolutely no disrespect to other MAG sections, we just haven't got around to attending your event, spent time with you, or even enjoyed social time with you, at least that we can remember !

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