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Dave Baker's ASTRAnomical BMW


Dave Baker's
ASTRAnomical BMW
(updated April 2012)
Not the first diesel powered sidecar outfit, but little doubt that this vehicle is a tribute to the skill and workmanship of a long term sidecar enthusiast.
Much of the basis for this clever creation utilises mechanical elements from a Vauxhall Astra - wheels, suspension, brakes, instruments, and notably the 1.7 turbo diesel power unit.
The Isuzu engine and accompanying 5 speed gearbox reside in the rear of the much modified Watsonian sidecar. The transmission has been suitably altered to provide drive to both the "bike" rear, and the sidecar wheels.
The bike element is courtesy of a BMW K model. The own design hub centre steering adds another special touch.
Several other elements originate from Dave's own extensive collection, his shed, which as ever contains all those things, which "might be useful one day".

1. An innovative name derived from donor car,
a Vauxhall Astra

2. Plenty of power

3. Front offside view

4. Front near side view

5. From the offside. The fuel tank is where the bike engine used to be

6. Dave and his very special diesel outfit

7. Rear offside view

8. Rear nearside view

9. Hub centre steering front end

10. More detail of the front end

11. Gear lever in the dummy fuel tank.
Foot mounted clutch makes life easy

12. Another view of the pilot's perch

13. Astra instruments looking the part

14. Fuel filler for 9 gallon tank where
a motorcycle engine used to reside

15. Car door skins provide that faired in look

16. Sidecar suspension for driven sidecar wheel

17. Sidecar wheel is now driven

18. Engine accessed by a clever tilting sidecar body

19. However, best if passenger is not in sidecar

20. Additional load more than easily dealt with

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