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European Sidecar Rally 2010

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For some years we had heard about the European Gespanne Treffen (EGT), or European Sidecar Rally. Compared with what we are now used to in the UK, the EGT was notable for the numbers attending. Whilst a 100, or so outfits are now considered very good in the UK, the prospect of something around the 1600 sidecar outfits that attended in 2009, was quite inviting.

Our BMW K1 / Saluki outfit was undergoing major surgery just a couple of weeks before the booked ferry, so it was a little hectic getting the outfit prepared. However, despite a few slight problems en route with indicators (dirty fuse !), and a new rear suspension unit requiring a little more preload, we arrived at the EGT rally site in Weiswampach, Luxembourg a couple of days before the official start.

Whilst the rally site was mainly empty, we were not the first to arrive. In due course, plenty more booked in, including friends from England. Although extreme northern European weather, the wet kind, did it's best to spoil the party, we were still impressed by the mere 900 outfits in attendance over the weekend. Not up to past figures, but still well worth the journey.

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